Munna Bhai Gaming’s Free Fire Max ID,Stats,guild,YouTube ranks and more

 Munna Bhai Gaming’s Free Fire Max ID,Stats,guild,YouTube ranks and more 

Munna Bhai makes Garena Free Fire-related videos on YouTube and is one of the most popular gaming content creators on the Google-owned platform. 

Munna Bhai is the most-subscribed Free Fire YouTuber. He runs the channel Munna Bhai Gaming where he uploads a variety of unique content related to the game. The channel currently subscriber and view count of over 3.1 million and 317,675,774 views, respectively.

Munna Bhai Gaming's Free Fire Max ID,Name and Stats

Munna Bhai Gaming's Free Fire Max UID is 402752655 and as started above,Munna Bhai Gaming name is Venkata Atchuth.

BR Career

Munna Bhai has played 4423 solo matches and has 1155 victories.He has secured 20150 kills at a k/D ratio of 6.17 and a headshot rate is 58.66%.

Munna Bhai Gaming has triumphed in 652 out of 2652 duo matches. He has chalked up 9919 kills at an average damage per match and 4917 have resulted from headshot, and his K/D ratio is 4.96 and a headshot rate is 49.57%.

Munna Bhai has participated in 13191 squad matches and has won 4288 games. He has defeated 56233 foes at a K/D ratio of 6.32 and average damage per encounter of 28824 an a headshot of 51.26%.

BR Ranked stats 

Munna Bhai has played 16 solo matches in the current Free Fire Max Ranked season 32 and he has won 11 matches. This season, he has scored 146 frags in the mode, yielding a 29.20 K/D ratio and an average damage per match of 119 an a average headshots rate is 81.51%.

Munna Bhai has 1 victories in 2 duo matches.He has 26 kills at K/D ratio of 26.00% and an headshots of per match is 19 an a average headshots rate is 73.08%.

Munna Bhai Gaming has appeard in 366 squad games and has won 246 matches. Munna Bhai has defeated 3895 in these games,registering a K/D ratio of 32.46% and an headshots of per matches is 2888 and an average headshots rate is 74.15%.

Note: This images and stats used in this blog have been taken from Free Fire Max. The content creator's stats will change as he participate in more matches.

Guild and Rank details 

Munna Bhai Gaming lead the TEAM MBG guild, whose Guild ID is 1002207496 and Glory is 2907124. He is presently ranked Master 5 star and master 129 star in the Battle royale ranked and Clash Squad ranked respectively.

Monthly Income

The Social Blade estimates that the Munna Bhai Gaming 's Youtube channel generates between $859 and $13.8k every month. Similarly, the yearly revenue is expected to range from $10.3k to $165k.

Youtube channel

Munna Bhai Gaming's has consistently posted content on YouTube related to several games, including Free Fire. There are currently 1.3k uploads on his channel, with 317,675,774 total views.

According to the Social Blade, Munna Bhai Gaming's views has increased by 15.3% in the last 30 days.

Munna Bhai Gaming also runs other Youtube Channel called Munna Bhai Hindi, MBG ARMY, and TEAM MBG. They have 189k, 1.26M, 349K subscriber respectively.


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