Games with Shubh's FF MAX ID, Stats, , Monthly income and more

Games with Shubh's FF MAX ID,Stats,guild,Monthly income and more 

Games with Shubh's (Shubh Raj) is a Free Fire content creator who runs the popular YouTube channel Games with Shubh. His Youtube channel has garnered 2.01 million subscribers, and he provides viewers with regular updates regarding events and news in the game's community.

The Gamers can tune into the channel to enjoy content focusing on in-game events available on the various servers. Games with Shubh's also has his own channel – GWS Army has garnered 1.45k where he uploads content that related to Minecraft and he has 95.5k subscribers on instagram handle.

Games with Shubh's FF MAX ID, stats,guild,Monthly income and more 

Games with Shubh's FF Max ID is 580694816.The YouTuber has attained the following stats as of December 5,2022:

BR Career stats 

Games with Shubh's has played 161 solo matches and has 15 victories, resulting in a win rate of 9.31%. He has secured 368 kills at a K/D ratio of 2.52 and a headshot rate is 27.45%.

The YouTuber has triumphed in 25 out of 153 duo matches, equating to a 16.33% win rate. He has chalked up 331 kills at an average damage per match and 64 have resulted from headshot, and his K/D ratio is 2.59 and a headshot rate of 19.34%.

Games with Shubh's has participated in 991 squad matches and has won 190 games, resulting in a win rate of 20.85%. He has defeated 4153 foes at a K/D ratio of 5.76 and average damage per encounter of 1367 and a headshotrate of 32.92%.

BR Ranked stats 

The Youtuber has appeared in two solo ranked games during Free Fire MAX BR-Ranked Season 30 and is yet to score a win or even deal damage. Game with Shubh's has not played any other duo or squad games this season.

Guild and Rank details

Games with Shubh lead the GWS-E-SPORTS guild, whose Guild ID is 70458071 and Glory is 2307691. He is presently ranked Bronze 3 and Gold 2 in the Battle Royale and Clash Squad game modes, respectively.

Note: Games with Shubh's FF MAX stats were recorded on December 5, 2022. This is subject to change as he features in more games.

Monthly income

The Social Blade estimates that the Games with Shubh's YouTube channel generates between $4.5K and $71.8K every month. Similarly, the yearly revenue is expected to range from $53.8k to $861.2k.

Youtube channel 

Games with Shubh's has consistently posted content on YouTube related to several games, including Free Fire.There are currently 750 uploads on his channel, with 248 million total views.

The early half of 2021 has been incredible for Games with Shubh as his subscriber just over 20k subscribers.Now The channel recently crossed 2 Million subscribers.

Social Blade reports that the Games with Shubh YouTube channel has received 60k subscribers and 17.941 million views in the last 30 days alone.


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