TSG Jash's FF ID,K/D Ratio,stats,monthly income ,YouTube ranks and more details

 TSG Jash's FF MAX ID,K/D Ratio,Stats,Monthly income,YouTube ranks and more 

TSG Jash Free Fire Max ID

The channel is managed by Ritik Jain (TSG Ritik) and Jash Dhoka  (TSG Jash). It has over 11.4 million subscribers and ranks among the top Indian channels for the battle royale title.

The Gamers can tune into the channel to enjoy content focusing on in-game events available on the various servers. TSG Jash also has his own channel, Jash Dhoka Vlogs, where he posts exciting challenges with his guildmates.

TSG Ritik’s Free Fire Max ID, Stats, rank, and more in November 2022

TSG Ritik’s Free Fire Max ID is 124975352. He is a member of TSG Esportz, TSG Legends leads it. He is placed in Gold 2 and Bronze 1 in BR-Ranked and CS-Ranked mode, respectively.

TSG Jash's BR Career stats

TSG Jash's BR Career stats

TSG Jash's has made 1390 appearances in solo matches and has been awarded 115 Booyahs, which equals a win rate of 8.27%. With 3183 frags to his name, he maintains a K/D ratio of 2.50, with an average damage per match of 709. The Indian star has also finished in the top ten 486 times.

TSG Jash's has competed in 2538 duo matches and has prevailed on 258 occasions, resulting in a win rate of 10.16%. Alongside this, the content creator has made it to the top five 675 times. He has 5023 kills at a K/D ratio of 2.20 and an average damage per match of 712.

TSG Jash's has also played 7159 squad matches and outperformed opponents 1692 times, resulting in a win rate of 23.63%. His squad has attained a podium finish 2657 times. The YouTuber has recorded 17081 frags in these games, resulting in a K/D ratio of 3.12.

TSG Jash's BR Ranked stats 

TSG Jash's BR Ranked stats

The TSG Jash's has played one solo game in the current Free Fire MAX ranked season and has failed to deal damage and attain a victory.

TSG Jash's  has also competed in a single squad game, where he took down four opponents, resulting in a K/D ratio of 4. He also maintained an average damage per match of 1932.

TSG Jash's is yet to play any ranked duo games in the current season.

Note: TSG Jash's Free Fire MAX stats were recorded on November 18, 2022. This is subject to change as he features in more games in the battle royale title.

TSG Jash'S Monthly income 

TSG Jash's Monthly income

The Social Blade estimates that the Two Side Gamers YouTube channel generates between $6.8K and $108.3K every month. Similarly, the yearly revenue is expected to range from $81.2K to $1.3M.

                                                       TSG YouTube channel 

The Jash and Ritik have been working on the Two Side Gamers channel since late 2018, regularly posting Free Fire content. They've uploaded almost 1800 videos that have collectively received more than 1.993 billion views so far.

The channel had just over two million subscribers in early 2020, but this count tripled by the end of the year. They reached 10 million subscribers earlier this year and have garnered an additional 1.4 million subscribers since.

Social Blade reports that the Two Side Gamers YouTube channel has received more than 100k subscribers and 27.07 million views in the last 30 days alone.


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