Garena Free Fire Max: 50% discount on Gloo Walls and Grenade skins in the store

Garena Free Fire Max: 50% discount on Gloo Walls and Grenade skins in the store

Garena has organized regular promotional offers on the Free Fire MAX India server in recent months. These have made the cosmetics in the store even more accessible to the community, as many players hold back from purchasing them due to their price.

Gloo Walls and Grenades are currently discounted for a limited period. Similar to past offerings, the prices of the products have been slashed to half, and the promotion is limited to a single day. As a result, gamers only have a few hours to get their favorite cosmetics at a reduced rate.

A 50% discount is applicable on all Gloo Walls and Grenade skin in Free Fire MAX

50% discounts have recently been available in several categories in the Free Fire MAX store. This includes surfboards, parachutes, loot boxes, gun crates, and more. However, the current offer is only valid on November 27, 2022, and is available on Gloo Wall and Grenade skin.

A total of six Gloo Wall skins are up for grabs. These retail between 199 diamonds and 299 diamonds, depending on their rarity. The available options are as follows:

  • Gloo Wall – Stormbringer: 299 diamonds
  • Gloo Wall – Spikey Spine: 299 diamonds 
  • Gloo Wall – Glo Technica: 299 diamonds 
  • Gloo Wall – Disco Fiasco: 199 diamonds 
  • Gloo Wall  – Pink Wink: 199 diamonds 
  • Gloo Wall  – Angel with Horns: 199 diamonds 

Compared to the Gloo Wall skin, the developers have offered a better variety in the case of grenades, with a total of 11 options. These are slightly cheaper than Gloo Walls and cost 149 to 249 diamonds after the discount.

The list includes the following items:

  • Grenade – Feral Fragrance: 249 diamonds
  • Grenade High-end Controller: 249 diamonds
  • Skull Hunter Grenade: 249 diamonds
  • Wasteland Grenade: 249 diamonds
  • Angry Shark: 249 diamonds
  • Birthday Gift: 249 diamonds
  • Grenade – Merry Snowman: 249 diamonds
  • Grenade – Thrash Goth: 249 diamonds
  • Grenade – FFWS 2021: 249 diamonds
  • Grenade – Booyah Day 2021: 149 diamonds
  • Grenade – Brassy Mic: 149 diamonds

Steps to purchase Gloo Wall and Grenade skin at a discounted price in Free Fire MAX

Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and access the store section.

Step 2: Select the armor tab and select the Gloo Wall/Grenade category.

Step 3: Choose the preferred cosmetic and click the purchase button.

You will have to confirm the purchase to receive the cosmetic in your Free Fire MAX account.

All the items in the two specific categories will automatically be discounted, and you only have to proceed with the purchase. Furthermore, since these sales have become a recurring theme within the battle royale title, even if you do not have enough diamonds in your possession, you can wait for future sales.


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