How to get Garena Free Fire Max emotes at 50% discount today

How to get Garena Free Fire Max emotes at 50% discount today

How to get Garena Free Fire Max emotes at 50% discount today-In these blog ,we will talk about How to get Free Fire Max emotes at 50%.If you don't know how to get Free Fire Max emotes in 50%.Then this article gonna help you alot.Today,I will tell you about how you can get emotes in 50% discount.

The Light Fest in Free Fire MAX, regular discounts have become common on the Indian server. A new discount offer has started on emotes, allowing gamers to get their favorite ones at half the original price.

Free Fire MAX players regularly spend a decent chunk of the available diamonds on emotes, which they can use to express themselves on the battlefield. More often than not, the high cost of obtaining them restricts players from acquiring them.

These 50% discount offers make the items in the store more accessible to the entire community in general. Read through to learn more about this offer in Free Fire MAX.

Garena offers the 50% discount on emotes in Free Fire MAX India server

The developers have added another limited-period offer on the Free Fire MAX India server, where they have slashed the price of emotes within the store. A total of 14 emotes are available at the discounted rate and are priced between 99 diamonds to 299 diamonds.

Similar to any recently added offer, this discount will only be valid for a single day that is 20 October 2022. Hence, you must quickly make up your mind to complete the purchase.

The list of emotes and their discounted pricing are as follows:

  • Mind it!-299 diamonds 
  • Top DJ-299 diamonds 
  • Threaten-99 diamonds 
  • Burnt BBQ-299 diamonds 
  • Top Scorer-299 diamonds 
  • Kongfu-299 diamonds 
  • Soul Shaking-99 diamonds 
  • Shattered Reality-299 diamonds 
  • Rap Swag-199 diamonds 
  • Shuffling-99 diamonds 
  • Arm Wave-99 diamonds 
  • Battle in Style-99 diamonds 
  • Greetings-99 diamonds 
  • Switching Steps-99 diamonds 

Follow step to step to purchase diamonds at discount 

You may follow the instructions outlined below to purchase the emotes at discounted prices:

  1. First, you can access your account in Free Fire MAX and then head to the store by clicking on the icon on the right side.

  2.Next, access the collection section under the normal tab, and a long list of emotes will be displayed on the screen.

   3.Select the desired emote and then hit the purchase button. A dialog box will appear on the screen, prompting you to confirm the purchase.

Once the purchase is confirmed, diamonds will be deducted from your wallet, while the emote will reflect in the vault section. In most cases, no coupons will be applicable as the items are priced below the usual purchase threshold.

This sale is even better than events dedicated to emotes like the Emote Party, which is available multiple times during the year. However, several emotes listed in the store in the higher price segment were previously available as part of the top-up event for free. As a result, many already own them, and thus this sale may not attract those individuals.


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