Free Fire Diamond Generator Hack 99999 Diamonds : 100% Working

Free Fire Diamond Generator Hack 99999 Diamonds : 100% Working

In this year, 2022 free fire is going to launch lots of in-game events, Such as diamond royal and Incubator events, and free fire players like to participate in these types of events. But, the problem is for participating in these events, players must have free fire diamonds in huge quantities. Many players can’t use the free fire diamonds hack generator because of a lack of in-game knowledge. 

Free fire is the most popular game globally, And Every player Wants to hack diamonds in the free fire. Here is the most detailed article on How to hack free fire diamonds. These Free Fire Diamond Hacks will help you generate Unlimited diamonds in Garena free fire 2022. Read this article carefully to know about every Free Fire Diamond Generator.

Free Fire Diamonds Generator and Generator Diamonds Online Free Fire both are the best Free Fire Diamonds Generator Tool. In this article, we will share every detail of the Free Fire Generator and Free Fire Diamonds Hack, and this article will surely help you to get unlimited diamonds in the free fire for free. 

In this article, we will also cover the latest events of the free fire game, which can provide you with a direct link to the diamond generator for free fire. In 2022 it is effortless to get a Free Fire Free Diamond using the Free Fire Diamonds Generator. So, let’s begin. 

Free Fire Diamonds Generator

Many pro players of free fire players use this free fire diamond generation method to collect free diamonds. In addition, we also use this free fire diamond generator tool to obtain free diamonds in our free fire accounts. 

Before sharing the free fire diamonds hack, and free fire diamond hack app, we are sharing the steps for free fire diamond generation. Using these steps, you can easily hack free fire diamonds. Also, this is a secure free fire diamonds generator process. 

  • For Generating free diamonds in free fire, you have to download the free fire diamond generator tool app by the given link below. 
  • After downloading the app, create a new account using your Gmail and mobile number.
  • Next, you will see three scratch cards on the app’s main page. You have to scratch them, and you will get diamonds for free. 
  • You can scratch all types of cards 21 times. This means in a day, you can win up to 300 diamonds. 
  • After winning 5000 diamonds in the app, you can click on the wallet and transfer these all diamonds into your free fire account by entering your free fire UID. 

After following the free fire diamond generator steps, you have to start your free fire game and open an in-game mailbox. Then, you will see a message associated with the FF diamond, open the message, and click on the collect reward button to obtain the generated diamonds successfully. 

    This process of free fire diamonds generator through the redeem codes may be complex for some newbie players. In that case, you use another popular free fire diamond generator app known as the Google opinion reward. It is online survey apps and very popular among the free fire players. Using this app, you can quickly generate up to 300 diamonds. If you are already familiar with the Google opinion reward app, you can scroll down to know directly about the free fire diamond hack app. In addition, You can join the free fire diamonds codes telegram channel for obtaining free redeem codes daily, the link of this channel is given below.

    • First of all, open Google Play Store on your smartphone and download the Google opinion reward app.
    • After downloading the app, open it, and create a new account using your Gmail ID.
    • Fill in some basic details about yourself, and complete the account opening process.
    • Now, You will get new surveys daily, and you have to answer them and earn google play credits.
    • After making a minimum of 30 rupees in your Google opinion reward app, you have to use it for generating free fire diamonds.

    It is straightforward to earn 30 rupees through the Google opinion reward app. You simply have to complete easy surveys, and after that, you will receive the credits as a reward. Also, The Google opinion reward app is a trusted app, and it was developed by Google, which makes it more secure.

    Once you earn 30 rupees in your google opinion reward app, you have to open free fire, play a classic match on the Bermuda map, and exit the game before the first safe zone appears. After doing this, you will notice a Special pack on your home screen. You have to open it.

    Now, you can obtain this special pack that contains a 300 diamonds generation bundle by paying the 30 rupees you have earned in your google opinion reward app. 

    We have collected some active free fire diamond generator codes from various servers of free fire. Using these codes, you can get unlimited free diamonds in your account. The steps to use these codes are given below.

    • GSY7HDG7DHF6
    • SHD6HDU7SHD6
    • HSG7GTS8HG8S
    • JD7S6SG6KJ89
    • NH76JHY7KJU8
    • MNY7HGT6GTY6
    • MNH7MNH7GHR7
    • SGD6SJD7NBH7
    • SGDTNH77BNG7
    • SGTDMNH7NB78
    • SGD6MY7ANB78
    • SGD6VG67NB67
    • VBGTVG56FGT5
    • CD56NGY7VFT7
    • BHGTNH78BGY6
    • NBH6NH7YBGY6
    • BHY6NHY8FT67
    • NH67BG6SBG65
    • NBH6NBH6NBH7
    • NBH7HGT6GFT7
    • BNH7GTH6GFT7
    • BNH7TY67HGY8
    • VBG6GT67GTY8
    • VBGT76YUHGY8
    • BHT6GHT6HGY7
    • BHY3GHT6GHY7
    • BH63BG67GH8Y
    • SJ7DHGT6HGY7
    • GDT6AGS7GHY8
    • LKMN987SGTYU (New)
    • ASGT765HGT67 (New)
    • LKU9YHT7RF56 (New)
    • ASFT76HGT786 (New)
    • SDGT78UJHY67 (New)
    Diamond generator Redeem CodesAMOUNT Of DiamondsAdditional reward
    KJ89-H76S-GA5SCode for 2000 Diamond GeneratorLOL Dance
    NM87-AGST-8S7DCode for 3000 Diamond GeneratorPirate Flag Emote
    LK90-SHD7-BH78Code for 10000 Diamond GeneratorSakura Bundle
    SHD7-S7D6-8S6D506 DiamondsClap Emote
    SGD6-MN78-NSH7667 DiamondsMagic Cube
    NSJS-S7D6-S8D7130 Diamonds300 Gold Coins
    GST5-SND7-SIS7210 Diamonds700 Gold Coins
    LK89-S8D7-KD8F120 Diamonds860 Gold Coins
    NH78-S98D-SD775 Diamonds990 Gold Coins
    AS56-9S8D-A76S7 Diamonds1950 Gold Coins
    MN78-MN89-LK9013 Diamonds7 Magic Cube
    MNA5-VS56-S87D25 Diamonds9 Magic Cube
    LK8S-S97D-78JG1 DiamondCustom Room Card
    S87D-S8D7-A6S522 DiamondsCustom Room Card
    ML90-MN88-BST435 DiamondsCustom Room Card
    MN78-SKD7-SKD740 Diamonds3D Summan Airdrop
    LK90-LK98-S6AH50 Diamonds4X Gold royal Voucher
    MN89-SUD7-LK9070 Diamonds8X Gold royal Voucher
    MU8S-LK90-BGT6120 Diamonds13X Gold royal Voucher
    LKS9-LK90-LK90400 Diamonds16X Gold royal Voucher
    ZB6A-LM9S-KS8D430 Diamonds3X Diamond royal Voucher
    AQW3-MX7D-LK90130 Diamonds6X Diamond royal Voucher
    ZXB6-MN98-LK90560 Diamonds12X Diamond royal Voucher
    SIAS-SD9S-A8S7320 Diamonds30X Diamond royal Voucher
    ASR4-S8D7-LK8S670 Diamonds36X Diamond royal Voucher
    SYD6-S8D7-SD7F790 DiamondsAlok Character
    K8SD-D8F7-8S6D760 DiamondsWukong Character
    JS87-7S5D-7SD4460 DiamondsA124 Character
    LK90-S7D6-A7S6180 DiamondsMOCO Character
    MJ89-S7D6-SD8S950 DiamondsJoker Bundle
    SKD8-LS8D-9D8F480 DiamondsNight Clown Bundle
    L8SD-A8S7-87AS320 DiamondsKing’s Sword Bundle
    LK90-AWE4-SD7F240 DiamondsBandit Bundle
    MN87-SAL9-8A7S180 DiamondsMP40 Loot Crate

    Steps to use these free fire diamond redeem codes.

    • At first, these redeem codes are safe to use, and you can use them to generate free diamonds.
    • Open the FF redemption site.
    • Log in using your Free fire account.
    • Enter the redeem code of 12 characters.
    • Then click on redeem to use the code.
    • Open the free fire game, click on the email icon, and collect all received emails to acquire generated free diamonds. 
    You scroll down to know the best free fire diamonds hack apps that will help you to get free diamonds in your free fire account for sure. We personally generate free fire diamonds using these apps. All the apps are safe and follow the Guidelines of Garena.

    Events for Free Fire Diamond Generation

    Do you know that there are many in-game events that can generate free fire diamonds for free? Garena launches different events every week. Using these events, you can acquire free diamonds without spending money. Let’s see which are these events.

    Events for free fire diamond generation

    Lobby Gifts: This event is also known as the free fire free diamond generator event because you can obtain lots of diamonds using this event. While we start the free fire matches, we go to a spawn island for 30 seconds, where other players gather together. Now, on the spawn island, you will find gift boxes everywhere. You can go nearby them and open them to obtain free diamonds.

    Custom Room Events: Free fire guild owners host free fire custom room events every Sunday. If you are a pro player of free fire, then you can join the custom room evets and win free diamonds as a prize. If you want to know more about these events, you can follow the social media account of Garena free fire.

    Win diamonds events: In this new age update of free fire, there are many events related to winning diamonds, and currently New Age Diamonds event is ongoing. If you particpate in this event, you will get double diamonds for each diamond you top up.

    Weekly membership event: You can generate 100 diamonds daily and 875 diamonds weekly using this event. To activate this event in your free fire account, you can go to the membership section of the free fire and then activate it by clicking on the subscribe button. After starting, you will receive 100 diamonds daily.

    Level up pass: This event is a free fire diamond generator tool. Using a level-up pass event, you can generate up to 800 diamonds. After upgrading to the level-up pass, you can complete the available missions on the event page to collect free diamonds. 

    Free Fire 10000 Diamonds Hack Generator

    Using 10000 diamonds, players can easily acquire most of the rare items of the free fire game. So here is the trick of the free fire 10000 diamonds hack generator, and by following this trick, you can quickly obtain free 10000 diamonds. Also, the free fire 10000 diamonds hack generator given below is safe to use.

    Free fire 10000 diamonds hack generator

    We will use the media reward app for the free fire 10000 diamonds hack generator, and this is an online earning app, similar to the google opinion reward app. But, the media reward app provides some extra features, which makes the free fire 10000 diamond hack trick easy. 

    • Download the Media Rewards app from the given link.
    • Open the app, click on Sign up with Google.
    • Then, you will see various tasks on the app’s main screen. Simply complete them, and earn the in-app points
    • After that, exchange the earned points with 2500 rupees by going in the Collect rewards option. After that, transfer them to your Paytm account. 
    • You can also exchange the in-app coins in the form of Amazon gift cards.

    Once your withdrawal request is accepted, and you receive the 2500 rupees in your Paytm account, you can easily use that amount to get 10000 free fire diamonds. 

    • Open the free fire Top-up website of Codashop.
    • Select the 10000 diamonds top-up plan for your FF account.
    • Enter your free fire player ID or in-game name.
    • Select the payment method as Paytm, and pay the required top-up amount from that 2500 rupees, which we earned using the Media reward app. 

    You can easily hack 10000 free fire diamonds using this Media Rewards app. Many free fire players use this app as a free fire 10000 diamonds hack generator. The codashop is the best top-up website to buy free fire diamonds. Also, if you want to get double diamonds top-up, then you can use another diamond top-up website known as

    Free Fire diamond generator without human verification 2022?

    Many free fire diamond generators are avaiable on the internet, but for generating diamonds through these generators, players have to pass the human verification, which is very challenging to verify. Most of the fake free fire diamonds generator websites and free fire diamond generator tools have human verification to earn money from the users. 

    Avoid these free fire diamonds generator websites, which have a human verification process that says that you have to download various third-party apps to complete the verification. Instead of using the diamonds generator website, you can use the free diamond generator apps. Players require less effort to generate diamonds in these apps than any free fire diamond generator tool. Scroll down for download links of free fire diamond generator apps.

    Safe methods for Free Fire Diamonds Hack

    Free fire diamond hack

    Suppose you are looking for a free fire generator with unlimited diamonds or free fire diamonds hack 99999. In that case, it’s impossible to get free 99999 diamonds in the free-fire nowadays because free fire is making their game servers more secure every day through various updates.

    Recently Garena has launched the new version of the free fire game known as free fire-new age, which is more secure than the past version of the game. You can not use free fire diamonds hack scripts on this version. It is next to impossible to hack unlimited diamonds in the free fire.  

    Now the cheaters can not hack the free fire diamonds, But don’t worry, here are some of the most working legal tricks and free fire diamonds hack apps that can help you to acquire free diamonds up to 99999 in Garena free fire. These tricks and apps are entirely safe and follow all the rules and regulations of free fire. So you can easily use them without any issues. 

    Important Note –

    There is two currency in the Garena free fire, gold and diamond. Gold is the standard currency you can easily earn by playing free fire, and diamond is the premium currency. You can use both currencies for buying in-game items. With gold, you can purchase average things, and with diamonds, you can buy legendary items, characters, pets, car skins, Guns skins create, Elite passes, and many more. However, free fire diamond is a premium currency. That’s why it is not available for free. Instead, you need to top up your free fire account using the money or buy them From real money. 

    However, the free fire diamonds hack and free fire diamonds hack apps we are going to share below can help you collect free diamonds. Also, all these apps are safe and available on the google play store

    Must read –

    If you want to Hack free fire diamonds without getting banned, then there are so many ways to get free diamonds in the free fire. E.g., Free fire VPN trick, Paid script, Online earning methods, affiliate marketing, Rafer and earn apps, Giveaways, Free fire diamond generator without any human verification, and server change trick. These methods are 100% working and safe practices to get free diamonds. So learn them properly to earn free fire diamonds.

    Keep in mind that protecting your free fire account is our priority, so we will not share any illegal free fire diamond hack app here. Also, we respect the Garena free fire team and their efforts in developing this fantastic game. So we will only discuss safe apps for obtaining the free fire diamonds for free.

    Also, we don’t suggest using any third-party free fire diamond hack app against the policy of free fire. There are many simple methods and legit apps to get free diamonds in free fire, and we are sharing them below. You can follow them to generate free diamonds in your free fire account. 

    Free Fire Vpn trick for Diamond Hack

    ffree fire hack diamond

    The free fire has more than 30+ servers. Every server has different offers and events. Free fire Vietnam server is the best server for free diamonds. There are so many unique events in the free fire Vietnam server compare to other servers. You will also get free diamonds on the Garena free fire Vietnam server, which you can send as a gift to your main account.

    1. Open free fire
    2. Click on setting and scroll down below
    3. Click on log out
    4. Now download any VPN and connect it with the Vietnam server
    5. Check that you are successfully connected with the Vietnam server
    6. Open free fire and create a new account, or you can create a guest account
    7. Now you are login successfully to the Vietnam server

    Now You will get so many new offers related to free fire diamond generators, pets, skins, outfits, and many more from this server account. You can also send them to your main free fire account.

    Note: It is not possible to change the server of the leading free fire account. You need to create a new account, and If you Wont to know which server is best for free diamonds, You can click here To get Information on all Garena free fire servers.

    Free fire advance server for Unlimited free fire diamonds

    free fire 10000 diamonds hack

    Free fire advance server is a testing server of free fire. Using the free fire advance server, you can get unlimited diamonds for free by just playing the game. If you find any mistake, Bug, or Glitch, while playing in free fire advanced server, you will be rewarded with 2000 diamonds. You just need to send the screenshot of the Bug. In advance server, most of the legendary items are very cheap, and most are free.

    1. Open Any browser
    2. Search
    3. Now login with your Facebook account.
    4. after login, download the advanced server apk.
    5. now login with the same account you logged on the advanced server page.

    Now complete the simple tasks available on the event page and get free diamonds.

    Note: Free fire advance server is Only for Old free fire players. For joining the free fire advance server, your Garena free fire account must be one month old.

    Free fire partner program for Free diamond generation

    free fire diamond hack generator

    With the free fire partner program’s help, you can get free Unlimited diamonds and so many exciting prizes. It would be best to have a youtube channel with 50% videos related to Garena free fire to join the free fire partner program.

    1. Open Chrome browser
    2. search
    3. Now click on apply.
    4. Fill in all the details like your name, Your youtube channel name, and subscriber count.
    5. After filling the form, click on the submit button.

    When your application is approved, you will get 1000 diamonds as a joining gift, and after that, you will get soo many prizes.

    Double diamond Top up website for Free diamond

    best way to get double diamonds in free fire, double diamonds top up website for free fire, double diamond top up website, best way to get double diamonds in free fire, free fire double diamond generator, free fire double diamond script

    There are so many diamond top-up websites for free fire, but in most top-up websites, diamond rates are high. Gameskarido.In And, is the best diamond top-up website to get diamonds at a very cheap rate. For gifts and outfits, you can top up from, and for the double diamond, you can use

    1. Search Free Fire Community Topup on google
    2. Now choose the login method
    3. select player id
    4. Enter your free fire character id
    5. Click on Login
    6. Select a payment method
    7. Now choose the plan you want to top up
    8. Now click on proceed to payment
    9. Complete the payment
    10. Now after completing the payment, you will get double diamonds as a Bonus in your free fire account

    Note: The double diamond offer is available for a limited period only. You can check the latest double diamond top-up Offer here.

    Free fire redeem codes for free Unlimited diamonds

    generator diamond online free fire

    Free fire provides so many redeem codes to YouTubers and streamers. You can participate in their giveaways and win free redeem codes. You can also comment down your Gmail Id below to get free redeem codes from us. redeem code is the best way to get diamonds for free without any hassle.

    1. Open
    2. Now login with the account you want to get diamonds.
    3. Now enter the 12-character redeem code.
    4. Click on redeem.
    5. Now will get free diamonds and some skins, outfits, or bundles.

    Free Fire Diamonds Generator codes (For new accounts)


    Click here once to refresh all the codes before using them.

    Amazon pay offer for Dree Diamonds

    free fire diamond hack app

    There are so many offers in the amazon pay app that may help you hack free fire diamonds. You can get free 10000 diamonds and in-game rewards as gifts when you buy a redeem code from amazon pay.

    1. Open amazon app
    2. Click on three dots on the top left corner
    3. now click on amazon pay
    4. Click on google play
    5. now enter the amount and click on the buy now.
    6. Now open free fire
    7. click on top-up
    8. select redeem codes as the payment method
    9. enter redeem code you received from amazon pay
    10. Now click on redeem, and you will get the diamonds
    11. you can collect the gifts from the in-game mailbox of free fire.

    Note – you must need a UPI account to use amazon pay for free fire top-up. 

    Special airdrop offer to get free 299 diamonds

    hack unlimited diamonds in free fire using Special airdrop trick

    A special airdrop is the best way to get free diamonds in the free fire. Using a special airdrop, you will get free 299 diamonds with some gift items like bag skins, emotes, or some beautiful outfits. You can purchase the special airdrop for free without any UPI account.

    1. Open play store
    2. Search for Google opinion reward
    3. sign up with a Gmail account
    4. enter your basic details
    5. now wait for surveys
    6. Once you get a survey, you can answer them and earn up to 10rs per answer. Now use the Earned Google play credit to Buy a special airdrop.

    Free fire Mod App for free fire diamond hack

    how to hack free fire diamond

    There are so many free fire mod apps, but they are totally unsafe and not secured. If you use them, your free fire account might get banned. So don’t use any free fire hack, free fire diamond generator, and free fire diamond script. They are also risky, which can damage your entire smartphone. If you want to download the free fire mod app with unlimited diamonds, you can click here.

    Get free fire account with Unlimited diamonds

    there are so many people sell their old free fire account, and you can easily find them on youtube by just “searching free fire account for sale.” Now you can contact them with their Gmail ID, which is mention in their video description, and buy an account from them. If you will purchase an old account, you would get so many Outfits and skins with Free diamonds.

    Note: Must check the seller is authorized and not a fraud. Ask their id proof before dealing.

    Free fire special festival events for Free Fire Diamond Hack

    free fire latest events trick to generate 99999+ unlimited diamonds

    Every festival season, free fire brings so many new events related to free diamonds, top-up, and get double diamonds. Events are Official ways to get free diamonds, So check the free fire event page every day to know which offer is going related to free diamonds. Click here to check all free fire latest events.

    How to Hack Free Fire Diamond – Some useful apps

    free fire diamond hack com

    Here is the list of the best apps to earn money online. You can spend the earned money on buying free fire diamonds for free. These are the best app that comes with a refer and earn program and some of the apps with an affiliate program. these apps are very secure you can use them without any problem. free fire 10000 diamonds hack is very easy when you use these apps.

    Daily reward app

    This app has over one million+ download. Using a daily reward app, you can quickly get instant cash rewards while playing games, watching videos, and installing apps. You can withdraw your earned money in your Paytm wallet or directly in your bank account. This app is tiny and also easy to use.

    1. download the earing app from here
    2. login with Mobile number
    3. now you can use all the features of this app and get free cash for free fire diamonds.

    Attapoll app

    Attapoll is similar to the Google opinion reward app. Answer the occasional survey to earn free Paytm cash. Now use the earning to hack free fire diamonds in a safe way. Most New free fire players use this app to get free 99999+ diamonds.

    • Download the attapoll app
    • Open the app and sign in with your Gmail account
    • Now you will get so many surveys you and answer them and earn free cash.

    Special Feature of this app – invite your friends, and you will also get 10% of their earning as a commission.

    Cashboss app

    Free Fire diamond generator APK

    Cashboss app is an offer wall app. You need to install the available apps at the offer wall, and you will be rewarded with Paytm cash. This app has over two million-plus downloads. You can withdraw your earnings in your Paytm wallet.

    • Download the cash boss app
    • now login with Your Mobile number
    • Now you can check the available offers and earn Paytm cash

    mGamer app

    How to get hack diamonds in free fire using mGamer app

    M Gamer is the best app to get free diamonds and gift cards. Pro free fire players use this app to get free diamonds in free fire because this app has an inbuilt feature of diamond top-up for free. You need to earn some coins, and you can redeem them with free diamonds. This app has five million-plus downloads. this app is safe and legal and too easy to use.

    1. Download the M gamer app
    2. Log in using Facebook or email.
    3. Now earn coin by completing the task.
    4. Click on redeem coins
    5. Select free fire diamonds
    6. Click on redeem. Now You will get free diamonds in your free fire account.

    Free Diamond and elite pass app

    Free fire diamond hack using elite pass app

    This app is mainly for free fire players. Using this app, you can get free diamonds. Many features in this app like scratch and win, spin and get free diamonds, and many more features help get free diamonds. Free fire diamond hack app with more than 500k plus downloads.

    1. Download the Free diamond app
    2. Log in with the mobile number
    3. Now, after login, you need to earn coins
    4. Earn a minimum of 1000 coins, and now You can redeem the coins with free fire


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