Best Free Fire MAX headshot sensitivity settings for headshots and gloo wall tricks in OB34 Update

Best Free Fire MAX headshot sensitivity settings for headshots and gloo wall tricks in OB34 Update 

They need to master movement, aiming, and shooting like any other shooter. Apart from optimizing an ideal HUD layout or tweaking FPS settings, users must spend time at the training ground. Moreover, they can also change the "sensitivity" for better assistance.

Garena Free Fire MAX features the same in-game content as its original eponymous variant but with enhanced visuals. Therefore, players can use identical HUD, weapons, system settings, characters, pets, and more in the MAX variant, as used in Free Fire, regardless of the HD graphics.


Sensitivity settings in any game define the responsiveness of the screen or controls. In the case of most mobile games like Garena Free Fire and its MAX variant, gamers can consider sensitivity as ease of swiping and sliding fingers on the screen to control the character's actions.

Garena Free Fire MAX: Best sensitivity for flawlessly executing gloo wall tricks and headshots (July 2022)

General: 96 - 100: It allows users to move the character or crosshair more efficiently without using any scope. Usually, they can benefit from "General" sensitivity in close or mid-range combat situations. Thus, a higher setting is quite beneficial for gloo wall tricks or one's movement skills.

Scope attachment sensitivities

The following four settings come into action when players use a specific scope attachment. Here are the suitable sensitivities for each scope attachment in Free Fire/Free Fire MAX:

Red Dot: 91 - 95
2x Scope: 84 - 88
4x Scope: 60 - 64
Sniper Scope: 54 - 58

Users can set the sensitivities in the given range in the system settings' "Sensitivity" section. However, they should remember that these sensitivity settings are only helpful if they have practiced hard enough on their aiming (for headshots) and movement skills (for gloo wall tricks). Otherwise, changing the sensitivity in Free Fire MAX is of no benefit.


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