The Gamers Identity - Upload Your Free Fire Profile On Internet

The Gamers Identity : Upload Your Gaming Profile on Internet(Google).

Garena Free Fire has create a Web Event For Free Fire Players To Upload There Free Fire Identity and Gaming Profile On Internet.

By that they can be proud to be a Free Fire Gamers, Because Free Fire Player are on Internet,

How to Upload Free Fire ID/Profile On Internet (Google).

  1. Click on Click Here Button.
  3. Follow the Struction
  4. Send Your Profile Photos and name On There.

Required :

1. Send Your *Real Name*
2. Send Your *Gaming Name*
3. Send Your *Free Fire Profile Photo*
4. Send Your *Lifetime Stats Photo*
5. Send Your *Clash Squad Stats Photo*
6. Write *About Yourself*

1. अपना असली नाम लिखें
2. अपना फ्री फायर या गेमिंग नाम लिखें
3. अपना फ्री फायर का प्रोफाइल का भेजें
4. अपना लाइफ टाइम स्टेटस का फोटो भेजें
5. अपना क्लास स्क्वाड स्टेटस का फोटो भेजें
6. अपने बारे में कुछ लिखें .



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