Sniper Gang Free Fire ID, Real Name, Stats and more details - Free Fire Community

SniperGang Free Fire ID, Real Name, Stats and more details - Free Fire Community

Snipergang is a  free fire player from india service and he is 17 Years old boy which has called By Sniper Boy Om.

Sniper Gang is a Sniper Player  mostly use Snipers best in Sniping not very much good in close range,

They are Playing Free Fire since 2019.

Sniper Gang Free Fire ID and Stats

SniperGang's Real Name is Om Marandi and called free fire name is Sniper Boy.

Sniper Gang Lifetime stats :

Sniper Gang's has played 220 games and Winned 12 matches and Killed 364 Enemies in SOLO.
Sniper Gang's has played 350 games and Winned 10 matches and Killed 261 Enemies in DUO.
Sniper Gang's has played 428 games and Winned 33 matches and Killed 646 Enemies in SQUAD.

Sniper Gang's Clash Squad Stats :

Sniper Gang's has Played 955 Games and Winned 455 matches and Killed 2972 Enemies in CLASH  SQUAD and There KD Ratio is 1.39 .

Sniper Gang has participated in 955 squad games throughout and has clinched 2683 of them, approximating a win percentage of 16.89%. He has eliminated 52401 enemies and sustained a kill-to-death ratio of 1.39.

Call Sniper Gang - Youtuber :

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