AshqKing Free Fire ID, Heashots, Real Name, Profile Stats

AshqKing Free Fire ID, Real Name, Profile Stats

AshqKing FF is a Free Fire Gamer That are playing Free Fire at Free Times When he is in tension then they starts Playing Game. 

Real Name :

Ashq King real name is Amaan Shaikh.

AshqKing FF ID :

Free Fire ID of Ashq King is 665951869.

LifeStats : Classic and Rank Match

AshqKing has played 187 Match in Solo and 527 Match in Dua and 682 Match in Squad with the Kill Of 2481.

Clash Squad Stats: 

According to AshqKing Free Fire ID Stats,
The Total Kills in CS Rank is 3289.
Total Kills in Clash Squad Classic is 2802.

Monthly Income:

AshqKing FF is not Earning now because they don't have there YouTube Channel so currently they don't have to earning from YouTube.


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