Ajju Bhai's Free Fire ID, Stats, Monthly Income , Address and more

Ajju Bhai's Free Fire ID, Stats, Monthly Income , Address and more

His primary YouTube channel now has over 28.1 million subscribers and 4.80 billion views, indicating his popularity. Apart from this, Ajjubhai has also garnered 3 million followers on his Instagram handle.

Ajjubhai, aka Total Gaming, is a name that the majority of the Indian Free Fire community will be familiar with. The notable figure has amassed tremendous numbers and has emerged as one of the top gaming content creators worldwide.

Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) Free Fire ID and stats :

 Ajjubhai Free Fire ID is 451012596

ajju bhai id free fire total gaming

Ajjubhai has participated in 12259 squad games and has a win tally of 2948, retaining a win percentage of 24.04%. He has 46543 kills at a precise K/D ratio of 5.00.

The prominent figure bettered his foes in 90 of the 972 solo games, leading to a win ratio of 9.25%. He has racked up 2507 kills for a K/D ratio of 2.84.

Total Gaming has made 1787 appearances in duo matches and has 350 victories, which comes down to a win rate of 19.58%. With 7120 frags, he has maintained a K/D ratio of 4.95.

Ranked Stats :

In the current ranked season, Total Gaming has featured in 174 matches in squad mode and has been victorious on 22 occasions, equating to a win rate of 12.64%. He has collected 765 kills with a K/D ratio of 5.03.

Ajju Bhai Monthly Income :

According to Social Blade, Ajjubhai’s monthly earnings from the Total Gaming YouTube channel are between $65.7K and $1.1 million.

Ajjubhai runs three other YouTube channels as well - Total Gaming Live, AJJUBHAI, and TG Highlights.


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