Sooneeta Free Fire ID, guild, stats, monthly earnings, and more

Sooneeta Free Fire ID, guild, stats, monthly earnings, and more

Sooneeta free fire profile

Sunita Thapa Magar, aka "Sooneeta", is a well-known personality in the Free Fire community. Besides being an esports athlete for "Team Lava," she creates videos related to the battleroyale game on her YouTube channel.

The Nepalese content creator has 4.22 million subscribers on the channel. She also has more than 330 million views on her videos.

Sooneeta's Free Fire ID, guild and stats

Sooneeta's Free Fire ID is 131311296. The name of her guild is “Team-Lava” and her guild ID is 60912671.

Sooneeta free fire id stats
The YouTuber has won 295 of the 1907 duo matches that she has played, maintaining a win rate of 15.46%. With a K/D ratio of 2.15, she has 3461 frags in this mode.

Sooneeta has featured in 21826 squad games in Free Fire and has secured 4977 victories, resulting in a win rate of 22.80%. She has 52708 kills in these matches, making her K/D ratio 3.13.

The content creator has also featured in 8 ranked duo games and has triumphed in 3 of them, maintaining a win rate of 37.50%. She racked up 21 kills in these matches, boasting a K/D ratio of 4.20.

Sooneeta free fire monthly earning from youtube

Sooneeta's monthly and yearly earnings from her YouTube channel are between $1.9K - $30.4K and $22.8K - $364.5K, respectively.

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