B2K's Free Fire ID, stats, Conact, YouTube earnings, and more

 B2K's Free Fire ID, stats, Contact, YouTube earnings, and more

B2K free fire id

Moez Mansouri, aka Born2Kill, is an acclaimed Free Fire content creator with more than 7 million subscribers on YouTube. He runs the channel with his brother Walid and made his name in the Free Fire community worldwide.

He is known for his fantastic gameplay highlights and videos. B2K has accumulated 200K subscribers and 13.25 million views in the last 30 days.

B2K's Free Fire ID and stats
B2K's Free Fire ID is 320653047, and the stats as of July 12th, 2021, are as follows:

Lifetime statsAll-time stats

All-time stats
B2K has contested 9077 squad matches and won 1593 times, posting a win percentage of 17.54%. In total, he has secured 52326 kills and a K/D ratio of 6.99.

The content creator achieved 499 first-place finishes in 3071 duo matches and maintained a win percentage of 16.24%. With 14357 frags, his K/D ratio is 5.58.

The streamer has played 1409 solo games and defeated his opponents 173 times for a win percentage of 12.27%. In all, he has amassed 4650 eliminations and maintains a kill-to-death ratio of 3.76.
B2K has contes

B2K has featured in 1833 matches and has recorded 1505 victories, giving him an 82.11% win rate. He has 22438 kills, maintaining a KDA of 4.34 with an average damage per match of 5550.


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