Free Fire Rising Star League - Free Fire Tournament Registration 2021

Free Fire Rising Star League - Free Fire Tournament Registration

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Free Fire Rising Star League

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Free Fire Community has Organized a Tournament League For All Players at The State Level in India. - Free Fire Rising Star League

Garena named The Tournament as 'Free Fire Rising Star League' Session-1,Free Fire Has Give You a Chance To Become a Star By Showing Your Ability,Performance and Experiance.
Dont Miss This Chance!..

Registration is Free

Now We are Talking about Elegibility.

Eligibility :

1. Players Level Should Minimum 30Level.(IGL)

2. Players Should have a Batter Device or Pc (The Processure + RAM Shoud High).

(a)An Android or Iphone Device Ram Should Minimum 4GB.
(b)A PC and Desktop RAM Should be Minimum 6GB.

>It is suggested to you therefore improve your Experiance and You have not to Say There was My Device Problem.

3. Should be Panctual of The Time.

4. You Should have a Squad(For a better experiance).

Prize :

Free Fire Tournament Certificate - Garena Verified (By this certificate you can Join Any Free Fire Esports In India Only)

• Winners Get a Official Guild to Stay by Garena Free Fire

• Winner will be Invite in Final Session at New Delhi/India or Mumbai/India Program.

• Winners will able to Apply for Job in Free Fire.

- See Full Prize Of Tournament

Now we are talking about Rules and Structure.

Rules :

1. Don't Team-up With Anyone (if not, then you will be kicked out from the next and next round.
2. Don't Cheat(Like, Using hack free fire or any type of cheatings)
3. Every Member/Player in a team must have their own Free Fire account.
4. A Player must be 12 year old to participate in this tournament.
5. A Player must be an Indian resident.
6. All players are responsible for their own technical issues both hardware and network.
7. It is very important to follow the schedule for each tournament match. 
8. You are not allowed to share or use another person’s Free Fire account. Your account is for your use and your use alone.

>Room Settings:

Game Mode: Classic
Game Team Size: Squad
Drop List: Classic
Players: 48
Spectators: 10+


HP: 200
Movement Speed: 100%
Environment: DAY
Fall Damage: Yes
Airdrop: Yes
Vehicles: Yes
UAV: Yes
EP: 0
Jump Height: 100%
Limited Ammo: Yes
Loadout: Yes
Character Skill: Yes
Gun Property: Yes
Airstrike: No

Game-Structure :

There are Three Rounds -

1st Round - Classic > Top 3 Teams/Squads will selected For Next Round Who will be survive at Last Zone.

2st Round - Clash Squad > Top 3 Teams who will selected from Previous Round(Classic), Then Match Will Be Randomly (Team1 Vs Team2, Team2 Vs Team3, Team1 VS Team3).

3st Round - Clash Squad > The Winner Teams Of 2nd Round Vs a Left Team Who was come in Top3 in 1st Round.

There Will be a Winner Team Of The 3rd Round! and That team are Side For Final Rounds.

In The Final Round - All Of teams who kicked and who will be Winner of Three Rounds.
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Server 1 | Server 2

Join This Meeting to Understand the Tournament Structure.
Meeting Host : Free Fire Community Owner/Staff
Meeting Date : 26 September 2021
Meeting Plateform : Google Meet


Sponsored By Xiaomi Inc.
Certified By Guiness World Records.
Verified By Internation Esports Official.
Membership - TournamenteSportsdFFddd


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